Fall 2022 Spark Showcase Day pitches continued:

A Beautiful Day Accord AlycylA Ballena
Blue Hatchlings Capnolyze Carbon Zero Care for Them
College Direct Tutoring Dhawan Medical Innovations Dream Date Emerald Consulting Group
FarmPlus Fetoscopy Fetal Therapy Future Frontier Fyx Lab Operator
Global Genomics GreenWheyWard HousingAI Locaze
Magnetogenics The Master Wheel The Maure Label OCamp
Phagogen The Practice Peg Re-check + Rise and Shine
Rosh Investment Management ScentCare Securus SKOLLARR
VisionBios Youth Creativity Lab

We would like to give a special thank you to our sponsors for helping us to provide this opportunity to our students:

David Koch
Continued supporter of the Ignite Fund and Spark teams

Michael Derby
Biotech serial entrepreneur and Hopkins Founders’ Pledge member

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Josh Ambrose

Director, Student Ventures