FastForward U’s accelerator programming is an opportunity for student teams from across the University to work collaboratively to make progress on their ventures. These engaging, cross-disciplinary initiatives build  skills, grow networks, and connect founders with other entrepreneurial students, from undergrads to post-docs.

Teams are grouped by stage to allow students to learn together at a pace that makes sense for where they are on their entrepreneurial journey. Spark and Fuel tracks include a stipend and the chance to win additional funds at Demo Days.

All of our accelerators are industry agnostic; any kind of venture (including nonprofits) are eligible to apply. We welcome any committed JHU student founder or team, from undergraduate to post-doc, to engage with our opportunities!

Learn more about each track below:


  • Early-stage track for teams (or solo entrepreneurs!) to explore and validate their ideas.
  • Asynchronous online curriculum focuses on early venture basics, market research, customer discovery, and more.
  • Live, weekly MasterMind check-ins for brainstorming and feedback hour.
  • Teams who complete the experience are eligible for a $500 grant stipend and up to $2,000 in additional prize money at the end of the semester Showcase.
  • Successfully completing Spark makes many teams ready for Fuel.


  • Later-stage track designed to help committed ventures get market/investor ready.
  • Focuses on customer acquisition, marketing development, entrepreneurial finance, investor readiness, team-building, and more via customized attention (workshops, 1:1 mentorship, and more).
  • Weekly cohort meetings throughout the semester with special guests (founders, VC, JHTV staff, and more).
  • Highly customized mentorship throughout the experience–includes peer, staff, alumni, and industry connections as part of the program.
  • Teams who complete the experience are eligible for a $5,000 grant stipend and up to $12,000 in additional prize money at the end-of-semester Demo Day. 
  • Successfully completing Fuel may help prepare teams for I&E Challenge Funding, the President’s Venture Fellowship, and/or other accelerators. 


May 22-July 3: A six-week, co-working experience for student ventures ready to take a “deep dive” into building their startups. Student teams at any stage of development are invited to apply; program participants will be expected to work at least 20 hours a week at the FastForward U building while engaging in significant mentorship and networking opportunities. Supported with a non-dilutive grant for living expenses and startup support. 


In addition to FastForward U’s Spark and Fuel accelerators, JHTV offers an accelerator through its Social Innovation Lab (SIL) for mission-driven startups working towards a solution with a stated social or environmental impact.

  • Open to early-stage ventures with demonstrated traction (for-profit and non-profit).
  • Ventures work in a cohort structure with other Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore-area entrepreneurs.
  • Focuses on customer discovery, financial literacy and fundraising, impact measurement, storytelling, and more.
  • Provides access to a wide network of mentors, advisors, partners, and funders in Baltimore and beyond.
  • Teams who complete the experience are eligible for a $5,000 grant stipend and offers the opportunity to win a $15,000 cohort prize.



Want to learn more about the Accelerators, which track is right for you, or how to apply?

Josh Ambrose

Director, Student Ventures