Are you a student committed to a business venture, or just curious about how to build a company?

All are welcome.


The accelerator program serves as an opportunity for student teams from across the University to work collaboratively to make progress on their ventures. This is an engaging, cross-disciplinary initiative to build skills, grow networks and connect with other entrepreneurial students. In addition to on-demand support, our 9-week accelerator program provides a structured weekly curriculum to a cohort of teams in order to help them develop their startups and/or innovative ideas to the next level.

Funding Opportunities

Fastforward U offers grant-like funding to support early ventures at key times in their trajectory. This money allows students to grow their ventures without risk of giving up key ownership or taking on loans.

Resources & Events

We provide one-on-one support and community building events to help innovators connect.

Connect With Us

FastForward U is, at heart, a community for learning, entrepreneurship and connection. We offer a variety of ways for students and alumni to participate in the innovation ecosystem at Hopkins.

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Marketing & Operations Coordinator, FastForward U
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