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Please Note: Staff are listed in alphabetical order by their first name. | Order by last name


Alan L. Mullenax IT Manager 410-223-1679
Alevtina G. Zhelonkina Sr. Intellectual Property Manager 410-614-0861
Alex Riehm Director, Social Innovation Lab 410-955-8362
Amy House Assistant Director, Corporate Partnerships 410-614-1072
Andrea E. Deering Sr. Intellectual Property Manager 410-614-0879
Asia Gilliam Administrative Coordinator 410-614-2177


Barbara Gendel Financial Analyst 410-223-1723
Benjamin Gibson Manager, Commercialization Strategy Group 410-955-3565
Bev Stiver Sr. Administrative Coordinator 410-614-2510
Brian Conlin Sr. Communications Specialist 410-614-6833
Brian Stansky Sr. Director, FastForward 410-614-1495


Carole J. Burns Sr. Licensing Associate 410-502-5581
Cheryl D. Oliver Patent Administrator 410-223-1829
Christina Boffen Contracts Associate 410-223-1822
Christine Joseph Technology Licensing Analyst 410-502-8355
Christy Wyskiel Sr. Advisor to the President 410-614-0209


Dana Weisgerber HR Coordinator 410-502-5584
Daniel Goetzel Director, Innovation Initiatives and Corporate Relations 410-614-2260
Darius Graham Director, Student Ventures 410-614-3314
Dave Greenwald Director, Corporate Partnerships 410-614-1138
David Kardian Sr. Intellectual Property Manager 410-614-0832
Deborah Hill Technology Licensing Assistant 410-516-6519




Gary Kaplan Director, Intellectual Property 410-614-0949
Greg Feulner Patent Counsel 410-223-1819
Guido Galvez Patent Counsel 410-223-1683


Halley Feldman Patent Administrator 410-955-0848
Hannah Jannarone Sr. Business Analyst 410-516-3332
Hanju Lee JHTV Manager of Marketing and Communications 410-614-2720
Hassan Naqvi Associate Portfolio Director 410-614-0693
Helen Montag Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships 410-614-7311



Jaclyn N. Anderson Technology Transfer Specialist 410-223-1716
Janice Ankeny Administrative Manager 410-223-1681
Jason P. Paradis Patent Administrator 410-223-1748
Jeanine Pennington Interim Portfolio Director 410-614-0679
John Jenkins FastForward Laboratory Manager 410-955-1343
Jon Gottlieb Portfolio Director 410-502-2365
Jorge Aquino Director, Ventures 410-505-4188
Joseph Contrera Associate Director, Intellectual Property 410-223-1685
Julie Simon Sr. Administrative Coordinator/FastForward 410-614-0800


Kara Fitzpatrick FastForward U Facilities Coordinator 443-961-2147
Kellin Krick Corporate Partnerships Associate 410-955-1351
Kenn Zerivitz Commercialization Strategist 410-955-3588
Kerry Goodwin Sr. Intellectual Property Manager 410-614-4492
Kevin Carter Student Venture Coordinator 410-202-9599
Kim Nguyen Accounting Specialist 410-223-1724


Latoya Lambert Paralegal 410-223-1817
Laura Mitchell Sr. Intellectual Property Manager 410-614-1548
Leigh Penfield Sr. Licensing Associate 410-223-1689
Liz Burger Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives 410-614-2759
Louisa Salomon Patent Counsel 410-516-5667


Marie Lamothe Technology Transfer Specialist 410-223-1809
Mark Bailey Sr. Manager, Finance & Administration 410-614-1173
Mark Maloney Associate Portfolio Director 410-502-2581
Mark VanderZyl FastForward Operations Manager 410-502-5112
Marlene T. Moore Administrative Coordinator 410-614-8130
Mary Beth Thanhouser Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships 410-614-1092
Mary Cokley Corporate Analyst/Event Specialist 410-614-1528
Mary Howard Administrative Services Manager 443-963-2901
Megan Wahler FastForward Program Manager 410-614-8127
Michele, Canter Administrative Specialist 410-614-0666


Nakisha Holder Associate Portfolio Director 410-614-0779
Naureen Quibria Business Analyst 410-614-4616
Neil Veloso Executive Director, Technology Transfer 410-614-0985
Nekeshia Maloney Director, Contracts 410-223-1821
Nina Urban Associate Director, FastForward 410-614-1328



Paul Hickman Sr. Tech Support Analyst 410-614-2020



Raquel Bracho Contracts Associate 410-223-1708
Riza Ford Sr. Licensing Associate 410-955-4127


Sashank Reddy Medical Director 410-502-4951
Sean L. Evans Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships 410-614-3103
Seth Zonies Sr. Licensing Associate 410-516-0231
Siobhan McLoughlin Tech Transfer Specialist 410-223-1732
Steven P. DeJesus Accounting Specialist 410-223-1823
Steven Kousouris Sr. Director, Finance and Administration 410-614-0757
Susan Liew Contracts Associate 410-223-1709


Tina M. Preston Technology Transfer Specialist 410-223-1735
Tonya L. McGill Financial Analyst 410-223-1728



Vera Sampels Licensing Associate 410-502-3179


Warren Fewster Financial Analyst 410-223-1713