Riley first joined JHTV in June 2023.

To help expand Johns Hopkins University’s research and translation portfolio, JHTV’s Corporate Partnerships team appointed a new director, Dushon Riley, Ph.D., to focus on cultivating opportunities within the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE). Riley began his journey at Johns Hopkins when he earned his bachelor’s in neuroscience and then returned to the university to join the Corporate Partnerships team a year ago. Riley shares, “Standing at the nexus of academic research and business is one of my favorite things about this role…I am energized to play this role in translating research into benefits for society.”

The mission of JHTV’s Corporate Partnerships team is to leverage mutual interests of faculty and industry to address unmet needs in society and create value, while establishing Johns Hopkins University as a partner of choice. As a director of the team, Riley will independently source, cultivate and manage strategic industry partnerships for Johns Hopkins faculty, specifically for WSE. “While Johns Hopkins’ department of bioengineering is the known leader in its field, there Whiting School is also a leader in non-life science research, including mechanical, computer, electrical, and civil engineering, among others.” In his role, Riley will focus on key areas including AI, energy, materials, speech and language processing, and solid-state electronics.

A main component to Riley’s position is forging successful relationships with Johns Hopkins faculty. He says, “Our faculty are leaders in their respective fields and some already have developed industry connections and opportunities. Our team is ready to work with faculty at any stage of their engagement with industry.” From sourcing potential partners and initial discussions to final execution and alliance management, the Corporate Partnerships team streamline the establishment, implementation and ongoing management of research collaborations. Riley shares, “I am passionate about forging strategic alliances and driving dynamic partnerships.”

Faculty or corporate research partners can reach Riley at [email protected].

More about Riley:

  • Professional journey began at Johns Hopkins University where he earned a bachelor’s in neuroscience
  • Undergraduate research completed in Michela Gallagher’s lab, focused on neural mechanisms of memory and attention
  • Earned a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland at Baltimore in Jon Lederer’s laboratory of cardiovascular and muscular physiology
  • Completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the U.S. Federal Drug Administration
  • Worked as a consultant at Boston Strategic Partners working on business and clinical strategy, health economics and outcomes research and medical communications
  • Joined Solaxa, a startup focused on developing and commercializing therapeutics for rare neurological diseases
  • Enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines, and coffee (a double espresso to start the day!)