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Every day at Johns Hopkins, our deeply talented faculty, staff and students develop innovations with the potential to benefit people all over the world—from as far away as India to right here in our own backyard in Baltimore. Our mission at FastForward and Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures is to enable these amazing technologies to come to life and—in the process—to build a robust ecosystem that supports even more innovation.

Fiscal year 2015 was a busy one for Johns Hopkins researchers, physicians and employees, who submitted a staggering 500 invention disclosures to the Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures office—more than a 10 percent increase from last year. This significant number reflects the innovative ecosystem within Johns Hopkins and lays the groundwork for potential products, services and know-how to benefit the public.

In this issue of the Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures Newsletter, we highlight recent events and a few technologies and collaborations that demonstrate the true range of the innovative work being done at Johns Hopkins. From a plan for Baltimore’s first commercial hydroponic farm, to an international collaboration for drug discovery, to a medical device company with applications for the military and the developing world, read on to learn more about the exciting things happening here.

Social Innovation Lab Supports Innovations to Help Baltimore

A plan to build Baltimore’s first commercial hydroponic farm; a digital platform for Baltimore residents to call attention to neighborhood issues; a tool to help Internet novices, especially the elderly, stay connected with their communities and families—what do these have in common?

Students Present Med-Tech, Global Health Solutions at Johns Hopkins BME/CBID Design Day 2015

More than 100 Johns Hopkins students spent the past year developing medical technology and global health innovations that address some of today’s most pressing health care issues. Their products included a spirometer, SpiroSense, that helps diagnose respiratory conditions of patients in developing countries, and a device, DrinkSync, for measuring hydration in patients suffering from chronic ailments.

Health IT Entrepreneurs Showcase Startups at Capstone Event
Co-Sponsored by Johns Hopkins

After weeks of intense work, the six teams were ready. Some participants had moved to Baltimore from hundreds of miles away, many had lost track of the number of all-nighters they’d pulled, and all were excited about their ideas to use 21st-century technology to solve a variety of health care issues.

Johns Hopkins Team Develops Novel Drug Delivery System

Drugs that must pass through protective layers of mucus to deliver treatment to organs of the body are often not very effective, because the mucus—a sticky, meshlike material—prevents the drug from ever reaching its intended target.

Peabody Professors Develop App
to Teach Sight-Reading to Music Students

The ability to sight-read—to play an unfamiliar piece of music from start to finish, without stopping—is an important skill for any pianist. Yet many piano students find it a difficult skill to master—even students at the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, one of the world’s pre-eminent music schools.

Johns Hopkins-MedImmune Collaboration Seeks to Stop Rheumatoid Arthritis Before It Happens

Typical treatments for rheumatoid arthritis target symptoms of the disease—namely, the inflammation that results when a patient’s immune system attacks his or her body, particularly the joints.

Johns Hopkins Biologists, IOCB Chemists Team Up for Drug Discovery

Johns Hopkins has proven expertise in biological discovery and medicine, while the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB) in Prague, Czech Republic, employs more than 650 chemists and biochemists. Put them together and you’ve got a team perfectly positioned to make great strides in small-molecule drug discovery.

Johns Hopkins, Bayer HealthCare Collaborate
to Develop Ophthalmic Therapies

The Johns Hopkins University and Bayer HealthCare entered into a five-year collaboration agreement on June 15 to jointly develop new ophthalmic therapies targeting retinal diseases.

Johns Hopkins Team Wins Entrepreneurs’ Choice Award
at Venture Capital Competition

Johns Hopkins works not only to foster startups whose products have the potential to improve the well-being of people all over the world, but also to produce savvy investors with business acumen and a strong sense of market dynamics.

FastForward East to Quadruple in Size, Fuel Baltimore Tech Boom

The May 15 groundbreaking ceremony for Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures’ new FastForward East location at 1812 Ashland Ave. was about more than just the much-needed additional space the new location will provide the innovation hub.

About 100 Johns Hopkins employees—including many nurses—attended a Nurses Week happy hour at FastForward East (855 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore) on May 6 to celebrate nursing and to learn about some of the ways in which technology is revolutionizing the field. The event was hosted by Microsoft, a sponsor of the FastForward accelerator program.

NEW JHTV Inventor Portal
Got an invention? Submitting your invention disclosure is now easier than ever. Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures’ new user-friendly, simplified electronic portal includes fewer questions and forms, making invention disclosures less complex and time-consuming. Anyone with a JHED identification account can access the portal. For questions or support, contact Tina Preston at 410-516-4561.

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