How We Work

How We Work


Our dedicated Corporate Partnerships group within Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures facilitates industry collaborations. From initial discussions and framing deal terms to final execution and alliance management, we streamline the establishment, implementation and ongoing management of collaborations.


Corporate Partnerships

At JHTV, we are committed to building collaborations that create maximum value for our partners. While each collaboration is unique, the following is a high-level overview of our process.

1. Determine how to collaborate

Defining how to collaborate is an important first step. Research collaborations with Johns Hopkins involve a number of technology and therapeutic focus areas and take many forms, including master research agreements, individual sponsored projects, clinical trials and education/training activities.

2. Explore opportunities

Once an initial plan is developed, potential collaborators are invited to meet with Johns Hopkins faculty and leadership. These meetings will help refine and confirm a productive path forward.

3. Define scope and initiate contracting

At this point, our Corporate Partnerships team will work with you to draft terms and facilitate the contracting process within Johns Hopkins.

Large-scale research collaborations typically have three- to five-year terms, but extensions may occur with mutual agreement between the industry collaborator and Johns Hopkins.

4. Contract execution

Once contracting concludes, our Corporate Partnerships team remains involved to ensure a successful collaboration.


Alliance Management

We understand how important joint governance and alliance management are to the success of the relationship. Like our industry counterparts, we provide dedicated alliance management support to all of our large-scale collaborations.

Joint Steering Committee (JSC)

This committee, comprised of leadership from the industry collaborator and Johns Hopkins, guides the overarching vision for the collaboration and serves as the decision making body for potential and ongoing projects.

Alliance Manager

Once a collaboration begins, we provide a dedicated alliance manager to serve as our collaborator’s primary point of contact for business and relationship matters. This experienced manager ensures that milestones and timelines are met, matches faculty members’ strengths with the industry collaborator’s interests and effectively communicates the needs of all involved parties.