FastForward U Space/Room Request Form

FastForward U Space/Room Request Form

Thank you for your interest in hosting your event at FastForward U. We receive a high volume of requests and as such we give priority to events that align with our mission and serve JHU students directly. Other events will be accommodated as we are able.

Before completing this form, review our online calendar to check availability for the space/room that you wish to reserve.

Please note we are a small staff and we are not able to provide any assistance for the setup, preparation, management, or breakdown of your event. Event organizers must provide staffing for all aspects of their event, including all furniture rearrangements needed. Failure to do so may result in your inability to use the space in the future.

The FastForward U space is used by students and JHU affiliates on a daily basis. If your event requires absolute privacy, meaning our regular users and staff must be barred from accessing any part of the space during your event, please email Kerrie Carden ( with your request and a detailed justification of your need for barring regular users and staff from accessing the space. In support of our mission, we can only accommodate these requests on a very limited basis.

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Contact Information

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Space/Room Request Information

  FastForward U Homewood Floor Plan
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Time of your event


Conditions of Use

  1. I will provide all staff, support and any other resources needed to run my event, including but not limited to arranging furniture, catering, technical operations and other support during the event, breakdown and returning the space to its original configuration as well as any other aspects of running my event not included within this list.
  2. I am at least 18 years old. All attendees, guests and visitors are 18 years or older. I will not bring any minors (individuals under 18 years old) into the space under any circumstances.
  3. I will use the space and any materials or supplies within to further an entrepreneurial project or venture, not for personal or other use, unless explicitly authorized in writing by the FastForward U staff.
  4. I and all of my attendees and guests will follow the JHU Student Conduct Code while using the facility and/or its resources.
  5. All attendees, guests and visitors must swipe/tap my student ID cards as they enter the space.
  6. I am responsible for all my attendees and guests and their conduct during their time in the space.
  7. I will keep the space clean by cleaning up after myself and any guests.
  8. I will return all furniture and any other items used back to their original location. Any rearrangement of furniture is my sole responsibility as event organizer.
  9. I will not remove any items from the space (furniture, supplies, food, etc.).
  10. I will report any problems with the space or suspicious activity immediately to the staff or security.
  11. I will not possess or consume alcohol (irrespective of age), illegal drugs, or smoke/vape in the space.
  12. I will engage in appropriate conduct at all times in the space.
  13. I will follow all instructions given by FastForward U, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Johns Hopkins Security, and other posted security personnel.
  14. Violation of this agreement, especially regarding drugs, alcohol and appropriate conduct, may result in immediate revocation of access privileges.

After you submit the FastForward U Space/Room request form, you will receive an email confirmation within two business days.