FastForward U Space/Room Request Form

FastForward U Space/Room Request Form

To initiate a request for a FastForward U event space/room, complete the fields below. A member of the FastForward U team at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) will promptly review your request and assist you.

Before complete the FastForward U Space/Room Request Form, please visit our online calendar to check availability for the space/room that you wish to reserve.

For questions or to request the status, please email Kara Fitzpatrick at


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Space/Room Request Information

  FastForward U Homewood Floor Plan
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Time Requested


Conditions of Use

  1. I will use the space and any materials or supplies within to work on an entrepreneurial project or venture, not for personal or other use.
  2. I will follow the JHU Student Conduct Code while using the facility and/or its resources.
  3. All participants must swipe/tap my student ID cards as they enter the space.
  4. I am responsible for guests during their time in the space.
  5. I will keep the space clean by cleaning up after myself and any guests.
  6. I will return furniture and any other items used back to its original location.
  7. I will not remove any items from the space (furniture, supplies, food, etc.).
  8. I will report any problems with the space or suspicious activity immediately to the staff or security.
  9. I will not possess or consume alcohol (irrespective of age) or illegal drugs in the space.
  10. I will engage in appropriate conduct at all times in the space.
  11. I will follow all instructions given by FastForward U, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, Johns Hopkins Security, and other posted security personnel.
  12. Violation of this agreement, especially regarding drugs, alcohol and appropriate conduct, may result in immediate revocation of access privileges.

After you submit the FastForward U Space/Room request form, you will receive an email confirmation within two business days.