Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

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As entrepreneurs work to build a sustainable startup, they encounter many unfamiliar challenges. Mentorship from industry leaders and veteran entrepreneurs helps Johns Hopkins startups avoid setbacks and take a more direct path to success.

Interested in becoming a mentor? See the opportunities below.


Mentor students

Our student entrepreneurs are eager to turn grand visions into real, impactful ventures. We invite alumni and professionals who have built startups or have in-depth industry expertise to provide invaluable guidance through one-on-one mentorship or by participating in various programs we offer.

O’Connor Fund mentor
The Ralph S. O’Connor Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Fund program supports students developing innovative ideas, technologies or ventures. Dedicated mentors provide one-on-one support to a team that will benefit from their expertise and network.

Interested in mentoring student entrepreneurs or speaking at an event? Contact Kerrie Carden (


Mentor startups

Our FastForward ventures have talented teams, innovative products and the dedication required to build successful businesses. Mentorship helps them avoid setbacks and reach their potential.

One-on-one support
Use your industry expertise or experience as an entrepreneur to help a specific startup grow, develop and disrupt the marketplace.

Become a guest speaker
JHTV has two types of guest speaking opportunities. We welcome business leaders to run focused workshops that provide learnings around a specific technical or business skill. Or, you can share experiences and insights that are applicable to a broader audience.

Interested in mentoring a startup or speaking at an event? Contact Brian Stansky (


Mentor social ventures

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) supports nonprofits and mission-driven businesses aiming to create change and opportunity in Baltimore and beyond. SIL seeks mentors with specific and deep expertise on a variety of topics.

Interested in mentoring a social venture? Contact Alex Riehm (